Shopping for the perfect diamond jewelry to give to any woman is daunting. This act is even more difficult for the future groom shopping for a woman with unique tastes. One key solution is to step away from the traditional white solitaire bridal set and peruse the world of colored diamonds. A colored diamond jewelry is certain to grab the attention of your bride to be while satisfying her need to defy the conventional in a beautiful yet tasteful way. All that’s required to make a good choice is a little research and a bit of knowledge about your intentions.

Yellow diamonds

A yellow diamond is simply a diamond that has a high nitrogen content. Technically this is considered an impurity, but it has created some of the most impressive diamonds to date. Yellow is second only to transparent in commonality, making it one of the best colors for a diamond. They are graded on the same color scale as colorless diamonds. There is an array of shades that yellow diamond comes in, so choose the shade that you feel your spouse will love or one that suits your taste.

The Price of Yellow Diamond

Keep in mind, however that different shades will be more valuable than others due to availability. The deeper the yellow, typically the greater the price. The cut of the diamond also profoundly impacts the price. Yellow diamonds are cut and faceted to enhance the color of the stone, and therefore certain cuts will require greater precision. Also, consider which metal you would like to use for the ring setting. White metals such as platinum or white gold will cause the stone to stand out more than yellow gold.

Most importantly, you should remember who you are choosing the diamond for. Do they love flashy jewelry or moderated pieces? What is her ring size? Again, because of the availability of yellow diamonds, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can download a ring of her size from the Brilliant Earth website and use it to determine an approximate size.

Buying an engagement ring made from yellow diamond can be a fun and rewarding experience for the nervous soon-to-be-groom. The perfect ring can be a symbol of the perfect marriage, so take time and ask questions. Armed with a little knowledge about diamonds and the woman he loves, any man can propose and the ring something that will be treasured and adored.