Is a lab created diamond cubic zirconia? Laboratory-made diamonds have received a lot of skepticism. Many people wonder if, by any chance, they can meet the standards of natural diamonds. However, lab-made diamonds are as good as any other available; probably even better. Here is a reason as to why they are considered similar. Scientists Engineer diamonds in similar conditions to the ones present on the earth’s crust, where natural diamonds develop. Also, the material – carbon seeds of pre-existing diamonds – used to create the new diamonds is the same material that constitutes the natural diamonds. If tested, the two varieties manifest the same optical and chemical properties. Lab-created diamond are like cubic zirconia.

Although it bears similar characteristics to the natural diamond, the human-made diamonds is not cubic zirconia. Scientists have, however, tried to mimic these brands to close perfection. The difference between the two can occur only under UV light; the lab-made diamonds are transparent, whereas the cubic zirconia shines green. Far from that, the lab-made diamonds present a wide range of benefits.

Benefits of using lab-made diamonds Excellent Price

The lab-made diamonds come at an excellent cost and, therefore, more affordable than cubic zirconia. It makes it easy for you to get one immediately.  Beauty and Quality After having been made in the same conditions as the natural diamonds, the lab-made diamonds have the same crystal features as the natural diamonds. They have not only the same physical, chemical, and optical properties, but also beauty and class.  They are Eco-friendly Since the diamonds are made of the same material as the natural diamonds and undergo the same engineering process, they the same environmental effect as the natural diamonds; the natural diamonds have no adverse impact on the environment. How can you buy a lab-made diamond? Lab-made diamonds can be easily accessed worldwide on Brilliant Earth. It is a company that goes beyond limits to provide diamonds across the world. Unlike blood diamonds, the lab-made diamonds are conflict free and ethical. Another reason why people love the diamonds, as mentioned is because of their environmental friendliness. They also make sure to provide you with eco-friendly packaging. The diamonds are purchase as is, or custom made just for you. The custom-made diamonds take a short time to be engineered and delivered. You can also request free shipping, with a thirty-days return, of the product overseas. Please visit Brilliant Earth to learn more.