Labs made diamonds are also referred to as lab-grown diamonds or engineered diamonds. Manufacture of these diamonds involves highly controlled laboratory conditions, similar to the conditions under which natural diamonds are made in the mantle layer of the earth crust.

The properties of lab-made diamonds in comparison to the natural diamond

Both engineered and natural diamonds exhibit the same optical and chemical properties. The lab made diamonds are made of real carbon atoms and are arranged in the actual crystal structure of naturally occurring diamonds. These human-made diamonds are made by placing a ‘seed’ in chambers of regulated heat and controlled pressure. The chambers provide conditions similar to those of a naturally forming mineral.

Within 7 to 10 weeks, crystallization occurs, and the diamond matures up. The mature product is cut and polished and later on graded under the professional guidance of world-renowned labs, and the product becomes certified. Therefore, both are made of the same material composition. The only difference is that while lab made diamonds occur under lab created environment using advanced technological processes, natural diamonds occur naturally underground.

Does the lab-made diamonds pass the diamond tester?

Diamond tester works on a principle of different heat conduction by different gemstones. Heat passes through the diamond element different from glass or cubic zirconia. The tester detects the rate of heat movement through the stone and indicates if it’s a real diamond. Other tester uses the law of electrical conductivity to test minerals.

Can someone distinguish between the two types of diamond?

Manufactured lab diamonds are true diamonds and are identical to the mined diamond. The only difference is that they do not originate from the earth crust. They have all properties of the mined mineral including flaws and grading. You can find one of this kinds at Brilliant Earth for certainty on quality.

The advantage of lab-made diamonds

Over a century people have been experimenting on engineered diamonds. Brilliant Earth has outshined in the market within the last one decade by perfecting the science of lab-made diamonds. The company can avail the lab-grown diamonds in a variety of colorless range.  Additionally, you can obtain diamonds with fancy colors, including favorite hues of vivid fancy yellow which are not easily found in nature. The fancy colored cultural diamonds sell at a better price compared to their natural colored counterparts.

Where can you purchase a perfect lab made diamond

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