Where is the Best Place to Buy Engagement Rings in 2018 in the USA?

Buying an engagement ring can be overwhelming even for the pragmatic that lives by-the-book or a diehard romantic. It brings the combination of emotions and practicality into a single purchase; a tiny ring that is supposed to symbolize love and commitment.

While finding an engagement ring should not be a daunting task, it is absurd to wake up one day and proceed to purchase such valuable items without consideration.

In the USA, there are many jewelry shops and manufacturers that offer engagement rings. However, not all of them will meet your needs. Others source their precious metals through unethical means while some simply have counterfeit quality. So where is the best place to buy engagement rings in 2018 in the USA?

Things to consider

There are a few aspects of reviewing when trying to find a reliable brand that can offer genuine quality engagement rings. From brand reputation to experience, ways of sourcing precious metals like diamonds, experience, and insurance, purchasing an engagement ring for your partner should be handled delicately and expansively. Two critical things that immediately come to mind include;

Brand Reputation

There is a reason why infamous brands like Brilliant Earth are considered the best place to purchase engagement rings. Reputation is built on trust and consistency in providing unique quality that meets user need. Brilliant Earth, for instance, emphasizes on an ethical production of jewelry eliminating any compromise between conscience and quality. Reputation is also built over time so there is a clear track record to review. If other customers and the general public are impressed by the brand and products, they are probably worth a try. It is recommendable to purchase your engagement ring from a trustworthy ethical trendsetter. What’s greater than knowing the diamonds on your engagement ring did not result in the killing or exploitation of miners? Or knowing the ring is covered by insurance in case of loss, theft or accidental damage?

  Personalization capabilities and variety

As aforementioned, you need to purchase a ring that is practical. Consider your partner’s lifestyle and personal style. What job do they do? A nurse providing care to patients use their hands a lot, and this may mean avoiding rings with elevated diamonds. A gardener, on the other hand, will require something that is easy to clean. From these scenarios, you can determine what kind of engagement ring will suit your partner especially since they are expected to wear it at all times.

Brilliant Earth allows customers to design their own engagement ring. One can choose a diamond of their preference and select one of the many settings available. This way, customers can purchase customized engagement rings that are beyond any conflict Gemstone, and vintage options are also available, and diamond shapes range from round to princess, oval, emerald, cushion, radiant, heart, and marquise among others. Their list of options is possibly the widest.

So where is the best place to buy engagement rings in 2018 in the USA?

The choice is subjective as there are several offers in the market. However, Brilliant Earth Jewelry has established a prevailing reputation for providing top quality engagement rings that feature genuine ethically mined and sourced diamonds. They are the industry best when it comes to engagement jewelry and also offer complimentary items like earrings. More compelling is that customers have more control over what kind of engagement ring they want to end up with.  



Engagement rings are a valuable and beautiful jewel. However, it is critical we do not allow ourselves get carried away by all the sparkles that we forget about the source of each diamond and the conditions under which they are mined. If you are looking for ethical Diamonds, then the Brilliant earth is an excellent place to get started.